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Web Development

Web Development

About The Web Development Department

Building and maintaining our company websites to a high standard calls for a first-rate Web Development team. With a robust process in place to fix issues, develop new pages and test the sites, this team ensures our sites are working at an optimum level to provide an easy-to-use online printing solution for our customers.


Lucy, Project Manager

What does your role involve?

My role as project manager involves working with people from across the business to ensure delivery of web projects. It involves gathering requirements by working closely with our stakeholders, identifying challenges and ways to overcome them and prioritising tasks by balancing resources. I also manage a team of talented software engineers.

What’s the best bit about your job?

Both project management and technology are new to me, so I love learning new things and seeing how far I’ve come. Also, my role involves a lot of problem solving, so it’s great to tackle a new problem and really see the impact of the decisions I’ve made.

Why do you enjoy working for Bluetree Group?

Leaning and development are really encouraged at Bluetree and there is a real commitment to helping individuals be the best they can be.